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When You And Your Teen start Practicing...

Review your teen’s instruction permit. It may contain additional instructions. Take your Tennessee Comprehensive Driver License Manual with you. You may need to reference it when in doubt.Practice only during the day and in a quiet area during the first lesson or two. Be familiar with the practice area and any hazards, signs, or signals. Be patient, sympathetic, and understanding. Keep your voice calm. Do not hold initial practice sessions in bad weather. Sit in a position where you can grab the steering wheel or step on the brake, if necessary. Before starting the engine, have your teen: Consult your owner’s manual to determine whether your vehicle has an antilock brake system (ABS) on all four wheels or ABS just on the rear wheels. (ABS prevents wheels on a motor vehicle from locking while braking.) If in doubt, contact the dealer. Adjust the seat, if necessary. Adjust the mirrors. Fasten the safety belt. Show you the location of the following controls:

4-way flashers,
Emergency brake,
Windshield wipers.
Explain how each control works.
Show your teen how to properly start the engine and what to do to start driving.
Stop practicing when your teen becomes tired or upset and show him or her how to turn off the engine when safe.
If you see a bad traffic situation ahead (one your teen cannot handle), pull over and stop. Until your teen has learned the traffic rules and how to control the car, practice in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, if possible, because it is easier to drive.

Is Your Teen Ready for a License?
When your teen drives well enough to pass the DMV driving test for an Intermediate Permit, ask yourself the questions below to confirm that you have not overlooked some necessary driving practice or knowledge.
1. Have we discussed alcohol, drugs, and driving?

2. Does my teen know what to do if he or she has been drinking and feels it is unsafe to drive?

3. Have we practiced in heavy city traffic?

4. Have we practiced on one-way streets and at intersections with three-way signals?

5. Have we practiced using a center left turn lane?

6. Have we practiced on small country roads, on gravel roads with potholes, and on hills?

7. Have we practiced in bad weather?

8. Have we practiced at night?

9. Have we practiced entering, exiting, and driving on a freeway?

10. Have we discussed what to do if an emergency occurs?

11. Have we discussed what to do if an accident occurs?

12. Does my teen know I can cancel his or her license at any time and for any reason? Does my young driver know I will cancel the license if he or she drives irresponsibly or violates traffic laws?

When you are sure your teen is ready for a license, confirm that the required hours are logged on the “Supervised Driving Log”. Then, sign the certifying line of his or her instruction permit. Your teen is then ready to take a driving test with a DMV examiner if he or she has held the permit for six months from the day it was issued.
Your teen must not drive to the DMV office alone.