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Driver Education (drivers ed) is a matter of Life or Death


Novice Teen Drivers at Higher Risk

Car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers in America—more than 5,000 teens die each year. Inexperience, risk-taking and driver distractions are some reasons why. Loud music, changing discs and tapes as well as tuning the radio are also potentially deadly distractions when behind the wheel. And when a teen driver has friends in the car, the risk is even higher - the more passengers, the greater the chance of a serious crash.

Here are common teen driver distractions that can be deadly:

  • Friends in other vehicles: Don’t let saying “hi” or other fun and games take your attention off the road. Never try to pass items from one moving vehicle to another.

  • Loud music or headphones: Hearing what’s going on around you is just as important as seeing. It is extremely dangerous to wear headphones or earbuds and have the volume of your radio so high that it interferes with your “hearing” of traffic conditions, such as other vehicle’s warning horns or emergency sirens. In most states it is illegal to wear headphones and earbuds while driving.

  • The “show-off” factor: It may be tempting to go faster, turn sharper or beat another car through an intersection.

  • Many teens fail to realize that they are no longer just “competing for fun” and are now using a 5,000 pound “weapon” in this competition.

    Keep focused on DRIVING in order to stay safe and stay alive.

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